Ladies and Gentlemen, Your 2018 Minor Tier 2 Demons…

With the new AIHL season looming, first-year coach Vinnie Barone calls the players in.  It is the last practice before the season begins.  All of the Demons Orange players listen to each command and begin the grind of another practice session.  Last chance to work out the kinks and make adjustments before the first game […]

New Demons Site Paves Way For Exciting New Opportunities

We have been hard at work already this summer. First proof of that is finally live! Our new website will be home to regular articles, multimedia, live-streaming of games and events, information about our club, teams, and players, and a portal to our club’s sponsors! In the coming days and weeks, we will continue to […]

Introducing Vinnie Barone, Demons New General Manager

The Demons are proud to announce Vinnie Barone, lovingly known as Pop-Pop, as the new General Manager of the Demons Hockey Club.  Vinnie’s years of experience playing and organizing teams in the roller hockey world, dating back to his time with Ron Tracy and the Delaware Blue Diamond Blades, will serve him well as a […]

Bill Sherwood Stepping Down As GM

After a long career in the roller hockey world, Bill Sherwood, co-owner and founding member of the Demons Hockey Club, is retiring to focus more on his wife and young children.  In a statement to players privately, Bill had this to offer: “This was my last year as operator / GM of the Demons.  It […]

Demons Hockey Undergoing Big Changes For 2018

As 2017 slips into memory, 2018 is already a big focus, and there is no rest for the weary.  We’ve heard the feedback from our faithful club family loud and clear, and changes are on the immediate horizon!  We are excited to preview coming announcements here, including management, coaching, sponsorship, costs, format, and image. We’ve […]